Friday, September 21, 2007

Very Advanced Marketing Management!

We knew we were in for a bit of fun with C C... But what we didn't know was that he was a spontaneous Quotemeister! Amidst the 4Ps and Kotler-bashing and points-giving, here are some killer lines from the man!

"Are you going by your bibliography that says P A T, P A T, P A T..?"
- Chasting us on our apparent originality.

"In this case, the customer is the dog. Oh, sorry... The customer is the king."
- Finally, the equation between royalty and caninism is out.

"For the next question, there will be tons of people answering... The way they have been answering for generations."
- During a feeding frenzy of DCP.

"Concentric circles, my left toe!"
- Apparently, someone's idea of geometry was anatomical...

"You can't touch or see electricity... Except of course in Hindi movies where you can see those orange sparks and lines..."
- All those special effects guys can't get past CC!

"In 1920, if you flew a plane and went up, noone would know if you'd ever come back down."
- The Wright brothers still have got something wrong.

"Kotler. As he is getting older, he is getting colder."
- Feedback as to why a certain someone should not go ahead with the 13th edition.

"And Antara... Antara must be sleeping, right?"
- Picks on one of his favourite victims for her more hibernative tendencies.

"May I suggest you look into your own paper?"
- Apparently, information sharing is not high up on his list.

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