Friday, October 12, 2007

Term 2...

Yup, Term 2 brought along with it some rather good stuff which would have Shakespeare wishing he was teaching at MICA. Oh well. Whatever. This is what we've seen so far this term.
(PS: If the list is too short, sorry. It will keep getting updated)

P A T: I'll write down the brand essence of McDonald's... And you'd be very surprised... (writes down 'surrogate mother', and explains why)
* after a while... *
P A T: So, what is the brand essence of Kodak?
Manas: Surrogate son... :P :P

"... because Indians, unlike the Japanese, do not photograph anything and everything that moves!"
- A subtle differentiating factor between the two nationalities by the man himself!

"With great monologues come great responsibility"
- From the director of Sankalp 2007! :D

When Pankaj Bhalla, an alumnus, addressed us, and DCP king Dhruv had a question...
DHRUV: Sir... Whats your name?
PB: Im glad thats where you are in the session! Now we can take things forward * bows *

"For those of you who are acting in Sankalp... I tell you, before you get married, destroy ALL evidence that you acted in it!"
- PB again, relating the more embarrassing aftermaths of seeing a portly Nautanki self with the better half.

"We MICAns are good at that - we say 4Ps as easily as we say 'shit!' "

- On MICAn pfaffing skills.

"If you want to swim the English channel, go right ahead. But first do 200 laps on your swimming pool back home!"
- VNB gives us Thorpe-an advice

PAT: So do the presentations of the first three readings
Shruti: Sir, we did only the third...
PAT: And why?
Shruti: (uncomfortable) Sir... We got more learnings from the third reading :P

"We keep buying a symbolic arsenal of things."
- S D, speaking during MICANVAS Colloquium. I thought this was a brilliant line!

"I've been suffering from a bit of respectability of late."
- S V, during the same forum.

"Chaat coffee? Koffee with Karan is Chat-ty enough!"
- The director lets out a PJ!

Our Social Marketing prof!
AS: How many steps does the temple have?
Someone: I think it's 1000 steps...
AS: No, dear... It's actually 3000 steps...
Indro Bhaiyya: Maybe she climbed 3 at a time!


"It's bad for my back, but I'll start from the back..."
- RK feels the need to question the backbenchers

RK: Tell me, Indronil, what was the objective you had for the blood donation camp?
I: Hmm... It was.... To get blood..!


Crimson Feet said...

hilarious stuff man!! Especialy prof Mathew... who isnt a mathew fan?!?

keep at it.. im from 02-04 batch.... wish we too had "archived" all the quotes then! :)....

Silent Knight said...

Chuckie Boy,

Isnt it time we had a Manaswini Acharya Bloopers column??????

Archita said...

Ok two of RK's (these days he's on a major PJing role)

1) Some question about segmentation...

RK: Chinmaya please tell me what questions will you ask while segmenting the customers?

Chinmaya:...Blah blah..Income, age, We have to know where they are coming from..

RK: But they are coming from home!


2) RK gave some question which had two possible answers. So he asked for a show of hands from the class for each of the two alternatives.

RK: Kanika, you did not raise your hand on any.

Kanika: Sir, I am undecided.

RK: Oh! I thought you were Kanika.

Hahaha! The man has officially lost it.