Thursday, July 26, 2007


"I think five entries are more than enough for each of you in 10 sessions, otherwise it will result in what you call DCP - Desperate Class Participation."
- Professor A T.

With those words from our director, we kick-start the best of DeeSeePee, the only reason some people stay awake in classes.

25 July 2007:

Alphabet-based DCP! :D

Everyone: Sir, consider point A, B, C... (Okay, we overdid this)
Aswini: Suppose we have entity X and Y...
Sarthak: Consider the WBHDB, UPHDB...
Chuck: It doesn't matter if you're from IIM A, B, C, L, I, K...
Rajkaran: Consider a few points... Alpha, Beta, Gamma (this was brilliant!)
Rajkaran: Sir, considering UP (following prof saying 'Uttar Pradesh)
Chuck: (Talking about CSR) Sir, The scheme started by Tata... JRD... (Later) ITC's E-Chaupal scheme...
Vikram: Sir... By ratio, you mean P/Q?
Sahil: Suppose all our problems are on the edge of a circle.. Whose center is O...!!!


"If a couple wants to divorce, they do not need to form a committee..."
-Cooper, under considerable stress, finally succumbs to DCP in ID.


The height of DCP

"I don't know what you are talking about, but I don't agree with you."
- (who else?) Dhruv makes his point, or the lack of it...


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Archita said...

Today VNB's class:

VNB: Group 6 you said that you don't want to add new customers.

Amit Monteiro: No sir we didn't

VNB: Yes you did.

AM: Sir we said it but we didn't mean it :P