Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is for Indro Bhaiyya quotes only... ;D

"Arre venu tera problem pata hai kya hai, you are not customizing your product (yoga). Wahan saala ladkiyon ka ghaas me lita deta hai, phir sar idhar udhar karne bolta hai, unke kaan me ghaas ghusta hai, wo unhe pasand nahi hai. You should do something about this."
-Indro Bhaiyya does a McKinsey on the declining attendance for Venu's yoga classes.


"Arey Baba, I don't understand... Are we selling cosmetics or are we selling poetry?"
-Indro Bhaiyya lets his frustration known when the rest of his PAT team tries to be second-rate Wordsworths, while the real intent is to sell cosmetics!


Venu, Akshay and Indro discussing the merits and demerits of eating dinner in the lawn outside the mess...

Venu: "Abe bahar thanda hota hai yaar, bahar baith ke khana hi thik hai."
Appu: "True."
IB: "No no, you dont know, bahut danger hai saala. Ye saala chota chota frog hota hai na, andhere me kabhi uchhal kar khane me aa gaya to topping ki tarah kha loge tum."


Courtesy Akshay Appu...
Indro Bhaiya was sitting in the audi with three cushions in his lap. Appu asked for a cushion and Indro declined. After a couple of minutes a girl asked for the cushions and Indro Bhaiya promptly handed over the cushions to her. Now we were on to Indro Bhaiya's case. Indro's reply: "Arre, you are not understanding the logic."

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