Sunday, March 23, 2008


These quotes are those of Mr. SKP, who came to teach Section B Sales and Distribution Management. Sample these gems from the man who made SDM a very practical subject.

“In a war, the man behind the gun is more important than the gun.”

“Sales personnel are like missiles. They must be given directions (targets) or else they may go astray.”

“Sales management is nothing but motivation of sales people.”

“Difference between a professional and a knowledgeable person, professional knows which principle to sacrifice under which circumstances.”

“Always go for the lowest hanging fruit. Then generate leads from it, very soon you will have your own tree.”

"Empathy – understanding what is on the mind of the customer before it is spoken"

"In sales management procedural bosses are a big NO NO. Sales personnel like motivational/ leader bosses."

"A little bit immaturity is required in frontline sales force."

Famous recruitment practice in sales management – “Friend get a friend.” Ask the existing sales personnel whether they know anyone who can take the job. If the person you have is good, then he will get good guys for you.

"Failure at times is necessary for improvement."

“People work for people and not only for rewards.”

“People leave before they resign.”

“Not unhappy with the company, but unhappy with the boss.”

Customers are like:

  • “Nobody wants to be sold. But, everybody wants to buy.”
  • “The angrier a customer is, the less he knows what he wants.”
  • “Good salesperson may not necessarily make good managers.”

“Soldier is more important than the general.”

“Sales personnel should be treated by managers like children. They like excitement, competition, targets and recognition.”

"Educational system cannot produce good salesmen."

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